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India has been the Geography, History, Political, social, four important part which is defined all the position of it. That geographical fined all the nature and its part of landscape, water etc, history show all the great and normal history of India, and the most important part of it that is the political which is defined that all the activities of politicians. This is not a normal but this is the most important part of any country. Those country has been the politically power these are the most powerful country of the world. Well in this world almost the all countries has right of political power which they use for protect theirselves and their residents.

But in all those activities astrology has been the most important place. It is shows all the nature activities, and politician activities which can see in round us. Many politicians are comes to Pandit Ramakant Shastri who is the politician specialist astrologer in India for knowing about their political career that those have been the political life and want to goes for political career. Then you have need to know that about your stars and planets which you have been in your birth chart. Politician specialist astrologer has been the great search and the great definition of politician astrology that 5th house is the house of kingship, also the house of luxury and comforts.

9th house is for good fortune. 10th is denotes public fame, ruler ship and power. 2nd house is known as the house of speech or vani, a politician should have clarity in speech and a pleasantly impressive tone. 3rd house is known as the thinking ability or decision making ability of a person, it is the house of courage, and hence the strength of this house denotes the ability of the leader to take courageous steps during decision making. 1St house represent self and 6th house is for health of the native. Before discussing the planets or the houses that contribute in the formation of the qualities of a person to be a politician, politicians that have been referred here are the people who are perfectly aware about politics.

Or the people who are genuinely interested in serving the country and the society through politics. However, the mentioned position of planets are formed in the birth-chart of that person who deeply wants to immerse oneself towards serving people. If you are the one of them those are want to politician career and you want to know about your political career then you can consult to the politician specialist astrologer pandit ji can be help you to know about your political career and he can be guide you in your astrological effects and planetary effects.

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